Sartori Cheese

Sartori Cheese Wheel

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Creative Ideation

Creative Design



The award-winning cheese company, Sartori, needed a creative marketing strategy to showcase their product in stores around the world. So, we researched and developed a cheese wheel display solution out of durable, non-perishable materials that were so realistic, even you’d try to cut a slice out of it!


Sartori, one of the world’s most awarded artisan cheesemakers, needed help showcasing their product to the world, so they came knocking on our door.

The Approach

Our team needed to develop a way to display Sartori’s cheese to be distributed worldwide. The display needed to be low-cost, lightweight, and multi-functional for in-store purposes and tradeshow displays. With that, Sartori wanted to stand out from the competition and be able to show their uniqueness. So, we designed a full-sized cheese wheel. WHOA!

Creative Ideation
Sartori Cheese Wheels
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The Outcome

The Wheel highlights their traditional cheese-making process by perfectly simulating the look and quality of the real thing, just at 1/60th of the weight! Our patent-pending manufacturing process was able to save them hundreds on shipping and production costs. We quickly designed a product that could be customized and changed out as products changed for a nominal cost.

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